Web shop FAQs

You can find the most frequently asked questions about the ordering process, along with the answers to those questions, using the provided links as well as on our FAQ page.

Can’t find the answer to your question? Please let us know by e-mail at webshop@limo.de.

1. Do I have a right to return the goods or withdraw from the contract?
We do not sell to private individuals. There is no right of return or withdrawal for the products offered in our B2B shop. Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery apply. The General Terms and Conditions are available here.
2. What countries do you deliver to?
When applying for login credentials to access the system, select the country where your company or delivery address is located from the drop-down list. If your country is not listed, please contact us at webshop@limo.de. Additional information is available in our General Terms and Conditions.

If you are a customer in Israel, please contact our Israeli distributor directly at:

New Technology S.K. Ltd.
11 Tuval Street 7th Floor
 Ramat Gan, Israel 5252226

Tel.: +972 (3) 679 2000
E-Mail: sales(at)newtech.co.il
Web: www.newtech.co.il
3. How do I pay for my order?
You can pay by credit card or PayPal in our online shop.
4. Will I receive an invoice?
We automatically generate an invoice when your order ships. You can access this invoice from your document archive in the web shop.
5. How can I update my customer information (e.g., change the existing delivery address or add a second delivery address)?
You can request changes to your customer information through your web shop customer profile. You can also use your profile to request changes to the existing delivery address or the creation of an additional delivery address.
6. How and when will my order be shipped?
Orders are shipped FCA (free carrier) in accordance with Incoterms rules. This means that we are no longer responsible for the goods once they are handed over to the freight carrier. All main transport costs will be borne by the purchaser. Additional information is available in our General Terms and Conditions.

Once your order has been accepted, the goods will normally be ready for shipment within 1 to 3 business days. Goods valued at over € 1,000 require a customs declaration, which LIMO will handle on site. We will notify you promptly of any delays.
7. Which freight carrier do you use to ship my order?
As a general rule, we will determine the freight carrier for the shipment of your order. Our choice of carrier will be disclosed to you during the ordering process.

However, you also have the option of providing us with your own preferred freight carrier, incl. your account number with that carrier, by saving the required information in your web shop customer profile. In this case, your preferred carrier and accompanying account number will be available for selection during the ordering process.
8. Will I be notified when shipment occurs?
On the date of shipment, we will send you a shipping confirmation with a tracking number so that you can track the package online.
9. How much does shipping cost?
You will be informed of all shipping costs during the ordering process. If we select the freight carrier at our own discretion, we will charge you a flat shipping rate based on the region and the size of the package.

Country / region    Flat shipping rate per package
Germany    8 €
Europe    24 €
Asia / Russia / Australia    43 € bis 51 €
US    33 € bis 39 €

If the order is to be shipped using your account with your preferred carrier, we will not charge you for shipping.
10. What happens if I have a complaint?
Please notify us in the event of any complaints. We are confident that we will find a satisfactory solution for you in the event of a legitimate complaint. Please note the separate procedure in place for shipping damage in Question 12. You can read our General Terms and Conditions here.

Please do not return the goods to us unless otherwise instructed to do so.

To submit a complaint, please e-mail the following information to us at webshop@limo.de:
  • Online order number
  • Part number
  • Detailed description of the grounds for complaint (incl. photos where appropriate)
11. When is a complaint justified?
Our products are sold in accordance with the specifications contained in the accompanying data sheet. If a product is within these specifications, there are no grounds for complaint.

For example: A length specification of 12.0 mm ± 0.05 mm means that it is not necessary for the product to be exactly 12 mm long. Instead, it means that a length tolerance of up to 0.05 mm applies.

In addition, some products are subject to certain surface specifications in accordance with DIN ISO 10110-7. These specifications are declared as surface imperfections (DIN ISO) on the relevant data sheets.
12. What do I need to do if my order is damaged during shipment?
If the package already shows signs of external damage at the time of delivery, please accept the delivery subject to further inspection. We ask that you then send us a photo of the damaged package by e-mail at webshop@limo.de.

If you do not discover shipping damage until after you have opened the package, we ask that you e-mail us a photo at webshop@limo.de. in this case as well.

Please provide your Online order number to allow easier identification, as well as a brief description of the shipping damage.
14. Can I create additional users in my web shop account?
Yes. You can create additional sub-users and assign them permissions. However, as the main user, only you have the ability to request changes to your customer information (e.g., company name, delivery address, etc.).
BFL – back focal length
EFL – effective focal length
AR – anti-reflex / anti-reflection